Hello readers! Thanks for stopping by! Due to a game crash, this story is no longer active. I am keeping it open though in case people still want to read it. I never made it past generation two, so there’s not much to read. I do, however, have a new legacy I am working on called The Life & Times of the Willows. Please follow my new story blog and tell me what you think! 🙂

When you read this legacy, you will notice that in the 2nd generation, my writing style changes. I haven’t done a legacy story in a very long time nor have I ever stuck with one, so for the 1st generation, I was just getting a feel for it. You know, seeing where I wanted to go with it. Well, I figured it out before writing the 2nd generation and I like where it’s going now, so…enjoy!

The Withersby Legacy derived from the 100 Girls Legacy Challenge that I host at the Rock the Sims community forum. The concept of the legacy challenge is to obtain 100 girls in your family’s legacy within 10 generations. Sounds easy? It really isn’t. You see, there’s only certain LTRs you are allowed to use, but the others that provide money (except for the Inheritance reward) and manipulates pregnancy in any way is not permitted. Also any hacks or cheats are not permissible as well.